Welcome to my home page

I am an extremely motivated Physical Design Engineer with interests in the field of Digital IC Design and Computer Architecture. I am regularly trusted to deliver on the toughest designs because I enjoy finding new approaches and I do not give up!

Besides the cutting-edge technology and tools I work with every day, I believe the best thing is the people! I enjoy learning from experienced Engineers. My objective is simple, work with my team to deliver continued success, and to keep learning Physical Design!, and I have done projects in both FPGA and ASIC, details can be found in the project section of this page or on my GitHub.

My area of interest lies in ASIC design, Timing analysis(STA), Physical Design, and Logic Synthesis

  • 💬 Ask me about ASIC Design “Verilog, VHDL, STA, PnR”

  • 💼 If you have questions, or you have a project I’m available to help and also I’m looking for a new opportunities, you can always contact me.